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Inua Village to Global Foundation was initiated to build and empower rural and informal settlement communities to become more self-reliant, support and enhance access to quality education for children in these set-ups and build community driven projects and Initiatives to achieve sustainability. Our focus on remote villages and informal settlements was inspired by the nature of how such communities are disconnected from major government interventions leading to high rate of poverty and lack of quality education.
Since 2017 we have established three community schools, reached 1000 children, over 2000 community members in Vihiga, Kakamega and Nairobi Counties in Kenya. We believe every community, family and or villages have right to quality and decent life and all children in those communities have a right to proper education. So we work to compliment government efforts by establishing community school infrastructure where they do not exist, empower families through income generating projects and open them to financial inclusion through our saving and Credit cooperative platform.
IVTG interventions are high impact, evidence based and tailor made to utilize resources available in local communities. We have re-engineered all aspects related to community development and access to education. Parents’ participation in learning, education financing, community economic projects and financial inclusion to drive sustainability in every aspect- making it adoptable and scalable from community to community. Because sustainability is critical, we have embraced community collaborations and are also building high impact partnerships with County government, local companies and many others to leverage on opportunities beyond our own platform.

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INUA VILLAGE TO GLOBAL FOUNDATION LIMITED Inua village to global foundation was founded in May 2017- first registered as a Community Based organization operating in Vihiga County. Created with an aim to champion for access to quality education for children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. Having experienced immense growth in its activities, Village to Global Foundation CBO transitioned to become Inua Village to Global Foundation Limited in July of 2019. With its new status, IVTG was now able to work across the country and engage in income generating activities so as to attract investment and grow sustainability for their philanthropic endeavours.

IVTG IMPACT Starting with a partial scholarship program for secondary school students in 2017, we have grown to initiate 3 community schools that are supporting over 1000 children to access pre-primary and primary school education, 40 students are using our partial scholarship to access secondary school education while 30 students are being supported through college. Over 200 students have benefited from our post-primary scholarship programs. Our access to quality education program has seen over 10000 meals served to school going children in the past two years, over 2000 people reached in our anti-jiggers awareness and treatment campaign, Over 3000 visits to families have been done to reach and encourage parents and families to support children education and recorded an all-time high of 90 to 100% school attendance for children in the communities we work in. Over 1300 pieces of new uniforms and clothes have been made and distributed from our sewing department until today. Beside the education related intervention we have proceeded to create over 1500 temporary and permanent incomes for parents and community members in these period. Through our farming projects, sewing and construction activities we have seen parents and families quality of life improve as a result of temporary and permanent employment we have created.

IVTG ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE To reach our goals we have assembled a unique team to help us do it.

IVTG MODEL Because IVTG is all about solving social problems that make access to quality education difficult for those in living in poverty and other difficult situations- We have engineered a model that assemble various solutions to address different problems. When entering a community we begin by establishing a community school- The school offers affordable quality learning, feeding program, family strengthening programs, initiatives such as celebration of world environment day to raise awareness on environment, awareness and treatment of jiggers and much more that target children and community members. We also give specific family support like food and or other basic needs support. Once the school has rolled, we identify a series of income generating projects that would do well in that community- farming, service industries, manufacturing, real estate and so forth that would offer create mass employment for immediate community members, many of who are parents in the school. We initiate this income generating projects to Sustain the schools whereby parents once employed can earn and be able to pay for their children education- Also directly the products and services sold earn income that is used to run the school. Once we have a pool of parents employed and or earning directly or indirectly from our projects we vigorously recruit them into groups where they are trained on saving, growth and through their pooled savings they are able to access cheap credit to grow further. To make it possible we use a combination of soft and physical strategies that depend on cultures, age, available resources and opportunities in a particular community.

IVTG FUTURE We are scaling rapidly to reach as many rural communities as possible. Our goal is to reach 100 villages by 2030- This means 100 community schools, more than 50 income generating projects that will accelerate employment and improve quality of life in those rural villages and leading National SACCO that will transform communities for good. What we are pitching IVTG has already taken off, we are however looking for partners to help us scale up. People who are interested in high impact social projects this is a platform that guarantees 100% social impact returns. Social Investors to equip the current schools and build new community schools Social investors to expand our current income generating projects and or invest in new income generating projects Social investors to expand our SACCO platform. Partners IVTG is leveraging on partnerships to achieve its goals. We partner with individuals and other organizations in the community- this way we achieve double impact. In the past two years we have partnered with Hi Five adventures Schneider Electric- Kenya Furaha –eV Germany Future farms County Government of Vihiga.

Inua Village to Global Foundation

Zachuas Ogonji
Chief Executive Office