The Concept

Bringing people together and facilitating scientific work abroad.
Searcher and Provider conceted at one platform.

The Founder – Motivation

ScienceGlobe an idea born during my travels around the world and my profound technical studies. There are numerous opportunities to get involved abroad and to improve the world with your acquired knowledge. The platform is made to get people together. Scientific work can be fun and bring change to places in this world.

I myself studied civil engineering at the OTH Regensburg. I wrote my thesis in Kenya and participated in scientific expeditions during my studies. I would like to make this possibility available to everyone


The Offers and Initativesinformation are completly free for Searcher. To get in contact with the organisation, just use the contact information the end of the notification. Click through the Initatives, choose the most interessting and contact them. The Providers waiting for your message!


As a Provider you can publish your notification at this plattform and push your project forward. Use the community and find easily your new Team member. Add your contact details and just check your mails frequently – the Searcher will contact you.


To get this we offering Notification packages. To obtain the platform, a basic flat rate of € 30.00 will be charged for each ad. Further costs depend on the Initative category:

Internshipfree (6 month)
Thesis / final papers€ 8.00/ month
Workshops / Seminare€ 8.00/ month
Expeditions / Research Trips€ 12.00/ month

Step by Step

  1. Use the contact form and send us a short message or give us a short call.
  2. We will send you a short questionnaire back. Fill it out with all relevant information for the notification.
  3. We prepair your Notification for your Inititave and publishing it at the platform.
  4. The Notification will apear at the main page and will be posted with our social media canals.
  5. Just check your Mails and wait relaxed for the right response